Engaging With The Mobile Consumer

Mobile shopping has increased 10 fold over the last couple of years; consumers today are busier than ever  using mobile devices to shop online, and often use them to research other related products and prices whilst shopping in-store.. This has had a knock on effect with purchases made in store. Econsultancy and Toluna surveyed UK consumers and reported that 13% of respondents had made a purchase on their mobiles, and 19% had used them to compare prices and look at product reviews whilst shopping.

How can retailers ensure that purchases are made in-store?

Mobile marketing trends have shown that consumer demand for mobile vouchering is high with the likes of Groupon, Living social, Starbucks, O2 moments etc. New services are appearing frequently in the market and offer different methods to the consumer to redeem an offer through a unique code or a mobile application.  The delivery of the voucher to the smartphone is so convenient for the consumer, however, with every simplicity there is a difficulty and in this case the ability for the merchant to redeem the voucher through the EPOS system and databases can be a very interesting challenge. 

With the likes of O2 moments and Foursquare offering a platform to the consumer to find the latest deals in their location at the touch of a button capsulises the consumer into making a purchase.  Consumers love a discount and will forever use vouchers and discount codes to redeem from high street purchases. The priority for the retailer is to turn the consumer into a loyal customer for repeat business.  Mobile loyalty programmes are currently being delivered by Subway and Tesco’s club card through targeting campaigns.

The next generation of digital vouchers blends scale with location and advertising. Location is rapidly becoming one of the most important data points in marketing campaigns. No longer can brands become dependent upon age and gender information. This allows brands to integrate vouchers into a consumer target campaign through a combination of mobile media displays, a variety of customised mobile campaign destinations, location relevancy and social media integrations. Exciting times ahead for brands and mobiles.

Mark Wynn
Mark is the Digital Director at Purple Agency and brings a wealth of digital marketing experience having worked in client services for 7 years.

Mark’s strengths are his desires, enthusiasm and can do attitude to digital marketing. This approach has been a necessity to developing digital solutions and marketing strategies across all campaign activity and industry verticals. Mark’s leadership and dedication to digital has seen the team’s approach to ROI, analytical marketing, consultancy, digital platforms and solutions whilst offering depth and breadth to our clients business and their markets.