So, what exactly are buyer personas in marketing?

Buyer personas are a big buzz term in the marketing atmosphere these days, with more and more big brands asking agencies to develop creative marketing for their target audiences. With consumers becoming more and more marketing savvy and receiving their information from less traditional avenues of marketing the need to understand and develop a deeper understanding of customers has become even greater.

So what is a buyer persona? A buyer persona is a semi-fictional profile of a potential customer based on research from things such as interviews, focus groups, market research and industry knowledge. The buyer personas created from this research are representations of the different types of customers that you are trying o communicate to, with a view to move them further along the buyers journey.
Buyer persona profiles can vary, and can include insights from any of the following;

  • Name, age and geographical location
  •  Media and information consumption
  •  Buying motivations
  •  Potential problems and challenges
  •  Aspirations and goals
  •  Hobbies and interests
  •  Background and personal life
  •  Personality traits
  •  Main roles and responsibilities
  •  Shopping and news preferences
  •  Education level
  •  Interview quotes
  •  One day in the life of…….

These insights that are gathered can be an invaluable route to better understanding a customer and their goals and barriers to purchasing your product and engaging with your brand. The profiles created can help to define a more succinct and targeted marketing strategy supporting your brand objectives whilst improving the experience a potential customer has with your brand.

Below is an example buyer persona we have put together to show the type of information and insights that are needed in order to develop a marketing strategy for a B2B customer.  Specific things to notice are the media consumption and pain points. These are the key drivers to defining your strategy in offering a solution to your customer and how they will learn about it. Tailoring your content and sharing them across channels that are specifically aimed at your buyer personas can have a very real impact on your sales and marketing figures.

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Holly Waite

Holly works in the business development and marketing team, helping to drive Purple's new business strategy. She has worked with Purple for over two years and supports Purple's teams in delivering engaging experiences for our clients.