Why you should work with a marketing agency

Rapid advancements within the digital landscape can mean a challenge for in-house marketing teams. It can be difficult to invest time, money and resources into keeping up while also juggling the day-to-day priorities of your business. If this sounds like you, a marketing agency like Purple could take your company to the next level.

Here are our four top reasons why you should work with a marketing agency...

In-house marketing teams can be spread quite thinly. As a result, the temptation may be to stick with a tried and tested formula, producing an uninspiring campaign that blends into the background. Engaging a marketing agency opens up a new channel of ideas – after all, creativity is a marketing agency’s bread and butter. At Purple, we are passionate about finding the best ways to engage, captivate and influence your audiences, generating great ideas and bringing them to life
A well-run agency will integrate seamlessly with your in-house team, allowing you to operate as one well-oiled machine. Purple work in partnership with you as an extension of your internal team, understanding your structure, goals and objectives and coming up with a strategy to fit your business, not everyone else’s.

Think about the different roles you may need to source in-house to create, implement and execute a successful campaign; expert content writers, strategists, graphic designers, social media gurus, media planners to name just a few. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. Agencies have an arsenal of workers readily available to scale up your marketing efforts. With Purple, you’ll get a lot more than just marketing expertise for one fee.

Fresh eyes
No one knows your company better than you do, but it’s easy to get tunnel-vision on the inside. With marketing, two heads are definitely better than one. Whether it’s planning, copywriting or design, an agency will bring an outside perspective to your brand, approaching your business as a customer and helping you break out of old habits that could be holding you back.

If you’re considering commissioning an agency, we’d love to hear from you. Email hello@purple.agency to start the conversation and unlock your business’ marketing potential.

Kelly Wright
Account Manager