Experiencing Purple

A couple of weeks ago, the Purple team got 2 new members, Abi and Lily, who joined us for 1 week of work experience.

Abi and Lily worked on different projects whilst they were with us, including research for the B2B team, concept work for our studio, and data analysis using Google Analytics. Working with different teams, they were exposed to the various facets of the agency and how our teams work together to produce creative, adaptation and digital work for clients.

Here’s what Abi had to say about her time at Purple….

My Work Experience Week at Purple 

For 3 days I became part of the dynamic team at The Purple Agency, during my time I was given many different tasks to complete, with some help along the way, of course. I was welcomed by the studio manager, Nigel Sweasey, who gave me a tour and all of the background information I needed to know about Purple. I was instantly intrigued as to how the whole process worked, from the brief to design and then the final product. I learnt everything through the tasks we were set. Firstly, we were asked to conduct a research and development task concerning ‘smart homes’ for Honeywell Homes UK. We looked at the history of Honeywell and then went on to understand the competition within that market. This project developed my understanding of the market and how brands compete against one another; I never knew thermostats could be so interesting! During my last two days at Purple, Lily and I created our very own animation storyboard for Avios, all about their new card-linking system. As creative students we both relished this task, as we were designing characters, backgrounds and even potential animations that could come to life in the future. Also, the fact that this was a live task made it even more exciting to complete. After my experience at Purple, I now have a clearer understanding of how an agency works and think that I would love to pursue a career in marketing.

We’re thrilled that Abi and Lily enjoyed their time at Purple and it was great to work with such enthusiastic future marketeers! We’d like to thank them both for their hard work, which was a real help to both our Client Services and Creative teams.

Katie Tilling
Marketing Executive