Who Owns the Data Strategy?

Many organisations believe they have an effective integrated digital marketing strategy. However, I would suggest few are aware of the risk of failure if they do not have an Integrated Digital Data Strategy.

The issue in many organisations is there is often little clarity over who is responsible for data or the infrastructure the data sits in.  Responsibility may be seen to lie with I.T or Marketing.  Even within the department there can be walls of ownership, the On-line Marketing  Manager believes he owns all the online data  - how does the Social Media Executive feel about that? And we haven’t even discussed the CRM Manager.

This leads to many different data owners with differing business objectives controlling their data in its own silo, never allowing access to other areas of the business.  The outcome of this can be a fragmented understanding of the customers, worryingly delivering fragmented messages.

To deliver effective integrated digital marketing, organisations must have a digital data strategy which will give them a complete view of their customer and the interactions the customer has with the whole organisation both on and off-line.  The Data Strategy must clearly define ownership of data and the infrastructure the data will live in, be that one system or systems which talk to each other.  Only then can data support the objectives set out in the Marketing Strategy.

Perhaps more organisations need a specialist data team be that internal or external. 
Denise Minihane – Data Services Director
Denise started out working in Education moving into data when the buzz word was personalisation.  Over time Denise has been involved in the delivery of many data driven marketing solutions for clients such as Tesco Bank, Lands End and British Heart Foundation. Now with the Purple Agency, Denise supports the implementation of data strategy clients such as Aga, WWF and Flight Centre.  When not into data her passion is for the theatre from tragedy to comedy farce.